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Tips for a Safe (and Fun) Outdoor Fish Fry

By: Lodge Cast Iron / July 14, 2022

There’s nothing better than turning today’s fresh catch into tonight’s crispy, crunchy, fish fry dinner. But cooking at the campsite, fishing spot, or even in the backyard takes planning and care. Gather up your reel and your trusty Dutch Oven Frying Set and read our tips for a safe, fun, delicious outdoor fish fry. 

Fish Fry
Find level ground.

Make sure your cooking space is on level ground and all cookware and heating implements are properly supported. You’ll want to make sure your setup is in a place where it won’t get knocked over.

Fill oil less than halfway.

Do not overfill your cookware with oil: a general rule of thumb is to keep your oil level less than halfway up the side of the pan. As you add food to the oil, the level will rise. The oil should never spill over the sides of the cookware.

Clear a space for cookware.

Make room for your dutch oven. Keep handles out of the way and away from the action to avoid any knocking, spilling, or burns.

Work slowly.

Add food slowly to hot oil using a basket. Do not drop food into the oil. Use a deep fry or instant-read thermometer to ensure cooking oil stays at the right temperature as food is added, cooked, or removed. As a rule of thumb, do not allow oil to get hotter than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Be mindful.

Never leave hot oil unattended. Always keep a safe distance from structures like trees, homes, decks, or carports. Do not fry under a cover of any kind, be it a tarp, roof, or tent. Keep children and pets away from hot oil, during cooking and while oil is cooling off.

Be prepared.

In case of fire, turn off your heat source immediately (if possible) and cover the oil with a secure, tight-fitting lid. When frying outside, always have a multi-use or class B fire extinguisher on hand.

Cool down.

Let your oil cool down to room temperature, which can take several hours. Use your thermometer to confirm that it’s cooled before pouring the oil into a clear jug or container.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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