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Dolly Parton Cast Iron Collection Header Image

The Dolly Parton Cast Iron Collection

We partnered with the one-and-only Tennessee icon to create a collection of Dolly Parton cast iron. Bring a bit of Dolly flare to every meal with cast iron born to perform.

Dolly Parton 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet
10.25”  Dolly Parton
Cast Iron Skillet
Dolly Parton 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet
12”  Dolly Parton
Cast Iron Skillet
Dolly Parton 13.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet
13.25”  Dolly Parton
Cast Iron Skillet
Dolly Parton Guitar Mini Skillet
Dolly Parton
Cast Iron Guitar Skillet
The Dolly Parton Cast Iron Collection
Lodge Foundrywoman holding Dolly Parton Skillet in Foundry

Made in Tennessee. Loved all over the world.

Just like Dolly Parton, Lodge is grown here, known here, and loved all over the world. Learn more about the people that make cast iron's hometown a place like none other.

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The Dolly Parton Cast Iron Collection group photo

Born to perform

A collection of Dolly Parton cast iron that delivers the unparalleled kitchen performance of cast iron cookware with a bit of Dolly flare. Each piece is cast to last for generations of meal-making. Featuring a naturally seasoned cooking surface made with just iron and oil, each piece is as cookable as it is collectible.

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Do like Dolly

Everyone loves Dolly. Her songs inspire us, her southern straight-talk transforms us, and her generosity inspires us. Our original Dolly Parton cast iron pieces celebrate this icon—who just so happens to know her skillets, too. Learn more about the collection and shop your favorites.

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Clear Blue Morning Art Image
Great Smokey Mountain Skillet from 2016 Image

Our Tennessee mountain home

This isn’t our first time working with Dolly: in 2016, in the wake of wildfires across our East Tennessee region, we generated over $100,000 in relief funds for Dolly’s My People Fund. Learn more about the pan that became a homegrown legend.

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Because we know *all* the lyrics

Fueling this entire cast iron collection is a catalog of Dolly songs that have defined pop culture for decades. Nothing Dolly would be complete without a little music, so check out our unofficial Dolly Parton X Lodge playlist!

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Show us how you cook like Dolly  @lodgecastiron.

Dolly Parton owns all rights to the DOLLY trademark and her name and likeness, which are used with permission.