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5 Gifts for the Baker in Your Life

By: Lodge Cast Iron / November 17, 2021

The holidays and baking go hand in hand, so there’s no better way to bring good cheer to the baker on your list than to gift them with a piece (or pieces!) of cast iron bakeware. Whether they have been perfecting their cookie recipe for years, became an expert at baking sourdough during the pandemic, or have a new interest in whipping up delicious treats, we’ll help you find a present that they’ll use for generations.

Baker’s Delight Set 

This set is our go-to for anyone who’s recently developed a baking hobby. It includes a casserole, baking pan, pie pan, baker’s skillet, and silicone grips, so they’ll have everything they need to test out new techniques and experiment with new recipes. 

9 X 13 Seasoned Casserole 

Casserole pans might be one of the most versatile pieces of cast iron a baker can own. Sure, they’re great for sweet recipes, like cinnamon rolls and brownies, but you can also reach for them when you make savory recipes, like baked pastas and casseroles.

Seasoned Cast Iron Holiday Wreath Pan Set  

Worried the baker in your life already has everything? They probably don’t have a unique wreath pan that bakes mini cakes in festive designs and makes an eye-catching centerpiece. This set comes complete with a matching dish towel and spatula to brighten their holiday baking fun. 

Combo Cooker 

Baking bread requires great heat retention and even cooking, which makes cast iron the perfect tool for the bread baker on your list. We like to use a Combo Cooker because it doesn’t have as much depth as a dutch oven, allowing you to easily load and score your loaf. While the bread is baking, the lid locks in additional moisture similarly to how commercial ovens inject steam during the baking process. 

Muffin Pan 

We believe every baker needs a reliable muffin pan. Cast iron’s great heat retention allows for consistent cooking that produces evenly baked and browned muffins every time, so you can give them a reason to retire the old aluminum pan they’ve been using. 

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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