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Cast Iron 101

6 Tools the Lodge Team Uses to Clean Cast Iron

By: Lodge Cast Iron / May 27, 2020

Yes, that's right—we said tools. While many methods for cleaning cast iron are as old as the cast iron category itself, you can make the task a cinch when you lean into modern-day cleaning tools. If you're looking for a new (and easier) way to clean your cast iron cookware, roll up your sleeves and check out the Lodge Team's top 6 picks for dish duty. 

A person cleans the Lodge Grill Pan Scraper in the sink.

Burnt sticky mess? Reach for a scraper. 

“Any time I’ve created a burnt sticky mess in my seasoned or enameled cast iron cookware, I reach for a scraper. The curved edges are designed to get in every crevice, and the grill pan scraper makes cleaning the spaces in between ridges so much easier—a task that can be frustrating. I always have a couple on hand in a container right next to my sink. I reach for the Deluxe Pan Scraper the most. It makes it easy and seamless to clean several different pieces of cookware at once.”

— Jodi, Social Media Manager 

Scrub cloth

The everyday favorite for cast iron and enamel. 

"To say I am obsessed with the Everyday Scrub Cloth would be an understatement. I use it literally every day. Not only is it perfect for cleaning cast iron, but all of my other dishes too. One of my favorite things about it is that I can throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the day. No more yucky sponges chilling in the bottom of my sink. It’s also really durable and has held up through some pretty tough messes (looking at you, bacon that I forgot about and burned into the pan). I have told so many people about this scrubber and will be getting one for all my friends and family!"

— Sarah, Social Media Community Coordinator 

Lodge Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber

Good for cookware and the kitchen sink. 

"I LOVE the Chainmail Scrubber. I use it to clean my cast iron, but also to clean so much more. Dishes, stoneware, glass. Basically, this little guy can clean almost anything from your cookware to your kitchen sink. It is perfect because the silicone center doesn’t get the residue buildup that a sponge does and it's perfect for seasoned pieces because it cleans well without risking flavor."

— Mandy, Ecommerce Manager

Lodge Cast Iron Rust Eraser

Rust, be gone. 

"The Lodge Rust Eraser is my go-to for cleaning anything with oxidation. It works great in small spaces, cleans fast, and doesn't create a larger mess to clean up. I keep one in the kitchen for cast iron and knives, and one in the garage for tools. They are also handy to have in a camping kit for easy rust removal."

— Garrett, Customer Care Manager

Scrubber and scrapper cleaning skillet

All the tools you need in one place.

"The Scrub Brush that comes in our Seasoned (and Enameled!) Care Kit is hands-down my favorite way to clean cast iron. The bristles are just the right amount stiff, won’t harm seasoning, and are easy to rinse off after. It provides just the right amount of leverage and doesn’t take up a lot of room on my sink. The Seasoning Spray, Scraper, and Handle Holder are nice bonuses, but the Scrub Brush really is the star of the show for me."

— Daniel, Senior Brand Creation Manager  

Corner and Groove Brush

The one-stop brush.  

"The Corner & Groove Brush has become my absolute favorite cleaning tool in my kitchen. I am someone who truly despises cleaning and have tried virtually every gadget to speed up the cleaning process. This brush does it all. Cornbread crumbs stuck in the corner of my Wedge Pan? You’re done. BBQ sauce baked into the grooves between ridges on my Grill Pan? Get outta here. You name it, this little brush does it. It’s tip even acts as a mini scraper, so it truly is an all-in-one cleaning tool. If I can’t avoid cleaning, at least this guy helps me… get into the groove."

— Amy Pilgrim, Product Marketing Manager