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Cast Iron 101

5 Tools the Lodge Team Uses to Clean Cast Iron

By: Lodge Cast Iron / May 27, 2020

Yes, that's right—we said tools. While many methods for cleaning cast iron are as old as the cast iron category itself, you can make the task a cinch when you lean into modern-day cleaning tools. If you're looking for a new (and easier) way to clean your cast iron cookware, roll up your sleeves and check out the Lodge Team's top 5 picks for dish duty. 

A person cleans the Lodge Grill Pan Scraper in the sink.

Burnt sticky mess? Reach for a scraper. 

“Any time I’ve created a burnt sticky mess in my seasoned or enameled cast iron cookware, I reach for a scraper. The curved edges are designed to get in every crevice, and the grill pan scraper makes cleaning the spaces in between ridges so much easier—a task that can be frustrating. I always have a couple on hand in a container right next to my sink. I reach for the Deluxe Pan Scraper the most. It makes it easy and seamless to clean several different pieces of cookware at once.”

— Jodi, Social Media Manager 

A person sprays the seasoning spray onto a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

The perfect oil for everything — not just seasoning. 

"The Lodge Seasoning Spray Oil is the perfect companion in the kitchen. I use mine all the time for cast iron care, but what I like most is its versatility. Not only does it help me keep my cookware looking top-notch, but you can actually cook with the stuff! It sprays so evenly in the pan due to the design of the nozzle, and since it's made of canola oil, the smoke point is very high, making it perfect for searing a steak."

— Adam, Associate Brand Engagement Manager

Lodge Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber

Good for cast iron and the kitchen sink. 

"I LOVE the Chainmail Scrubber. I use it to clean my cast iron, but also to clean so much more. Dishes, stoneware, glass. Basically, this little guy can clean almost anything from your cookware to your kitchen sink. It is perfect because the silicone center doesn’t get the residue buildup that a sponge does and it's perfect for seasoned pieces because it cleans well without risking flavor."

— Mandy, Ecommerce Manager

Lodge Cast Iron Rust Eraser

Rust, be gone. 

"The Lodge Rust Eraser is my go-to for cleaning anything with oxidation. It works great in small spaces, cleans fast, and doesn't create a larger mess to clean up. I keep one in the kitchen for cast iron and knives, and one in the garage for tools. They are also handy to have in a camping kit for easy rust removal."

— Garrett, Customer Care Manager

Lodge Cast Iron Scrub Brush

Gentle, yet effective. 

"Whether I bake cornbread that comes right out of the pan or something that leaves more of a mess to clean, I always use the 10 Inch Scrub Brush for cast iron cleanup. The soft nylon bristles thoroughly clean my cast iron without stripping the seasoning, and the brush lasts for a really long time without showing wear. It's so effective and gentle, I even use it on my enamel dutch oven. (Makes for a great gift, too!)"

— Erin, Copywriter