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What Your Cast Iron Storage Style Says About You 

By: Lodge Cast Iron / April 20, 2023

We recently took to Instagram to learn more about how you store your cast iron, and just like the Lodge team, you have some pretty interesting storage arrangements. We gathered some of our favorites and did some (very official) analysis on what this says about you. So what’s your storage style?


The oven organizer 

If oven storage is your jam, you’re not alone! This is the go-to spot for many cast iron lovers. You’re a great improviser—no measuring or grocery lists required. Though, we have seen you check our Ingredient Substitutions list a time or two. Just don’t forget to unload your cast iron before you preheat the oven (yeah, we’ve been there). One thing you never forget? Adding a thin layer of Seasoning Spray after you wash your cookware. And that’s why we love you. 

The showoff 

Cast iron is part of your aesthetic (respect!). Whether you hang it on the wall with pride or stack it in the Storage Tower, you want people to know you’re serious about your collection. You probably talk about cast iron at parties, and while we’re a little biased, we think that makes you a fun time. It’s clear that you love all of the classics, but we’re guessing you never pass up unique pieces of cookware. And that means you probably own (and love) a Cornstick Pan. We can’t blame you—we once wrote a whole ode to this special piece of iron.  

The neat & tidy 

You’re no-nonsense, you prep your ingredients ahead of time, and you always follow the recipe. When it comes to your beloved iron, the Cookware Organizer keeps everything in place and ready for action—either perfectly displayed on your counter or tucked away in your cabinet. We could be wrong, but you’re also probably a baker and we’re into that because we love a sweet treat. 

The protector 

You know cast iron is tough, but you’re not taking any chances! When the holidays come around and your relatives offer to “help out” with the dishes, you get nervous—after all, you’ve heard horror stories about cast iron going through the dishwasher. You can’t rest until your skillets have been stacked with a pillowy Cookware Protector in between or until your dutch ovens have been returned to the cabinet, Pot Protectors in tow. Some people think the bond between dog and man is strong, but your connection with cast iron makes us question this. 

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Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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