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Skillet Wisdom

Hosting Tips, from our Cast Iron Pans

By: Lodge Cast Iron / March 31, 2024

Let these pan-ffirmations guide you

Hosting a party? We love to hear it—but we also know it’s not without some stress. Lean into the wisdom of these classic pans and check out our favorite party tips and recipes while you’re at it. Ready for your hosting affirmations? The pans are happy to oblige.

Skillet Wisdom: Skillets

Keep it classic

Wowing your guests doesn’t mean you have to try something new and daring—instead, reach for the classics you could make in your sleep. Not only does it minimize hosting stress and keep you present with your party people, it’s also a great way to start new traditions. Looking for inspiration? Our own Chef Kris Stubblefield turns to these Cornbread Sausage Balls when he needs a classic party appetizer that is big on flavor.

Skillet Wisdom: Press

Don't sweat it

When you’re entertaining a crowd, sometimes you need to adjust. One bit of advice: options. Ok one more bit of advice: burgers. You’ve got an unexpectedly gluten-free friend? Ditch the buns for lettuce wraps. Someone brings their vegetarian friend? Portobellos for the win. Picky eaters? Here’s the ketchup (and nothing else). Choose foods that are adaptable for your guests and their eating preferences—think tacos, a DIY pasta bar, or of course, smashburgers

Skillet Wisdom: Grill Pan

Be ready for weather

Sometimes, a party rolls around right around the same time as a storm cloud. But no fear: be weather-ready (especially for those summer cookouts) with cookware and menus that work indoors or out. We reach for Grill Pans or our Reversible Grill/Griddle to bring flat-top cooking and grilling indoors when the weather doesn’t cooperate. From Grilled Ribeyes to hearty salads, there’s a lot a grill pan can do to get you through it. Need inspiration? Check out our favorite recipes made for the grill pan.

Skillet Wisdom: Grill Pan

Keep it interesting

While we generally believe in sticking to recipes you’ve tried before when you’re hosting, we do love to bring a little surprise to the table, too—especially when it comes time for dessert. Consider adding a unique flavor profile to the mix—something like our Heartburn Brownie—or mix it up with mini cakes in a variety of shapes. We love to serve these Mini Chocolate Gateaux made in our Heart Mini Cake Pan, and our Skull Mini Cake Pan never ceases to delight, whether you’re making cakes or cornbread.

Skillet Wisdom: Wedge Pan

Make the portions personal

Everyone loves to get their own special piece of the action, whether we're talking brownies or cornbread hunks. Consider cooking in pans where batching is by design—think Wedge Pans, Muffin Pans, or even our humble Cornstick Pan. From Brownie Wedges where everyone gets a corner piece, to Stuffed Pancake Sticks that put the best of brunch in each bite, reach for recipes where personal portions are easy to make—and where the food is portable, too!

Skillet Wisdom: Dutch Oven

Make leftovers the goal

We love to make big batches of chilis, soups, or even cookies so that our guests have something to take home. Make leftovers part of your hosting reputation by reaching for the biggest dutch oven, fish pan, or skillet you’ve got and doubling or tripling your recipes. And don’t feel limited to standard fare! This Cornbread Panzanella is easy to batch up and a potluck favorite; our Mixed Berry Cobbler is decidedly larger than life; and of course, this Cheesy Lasagna always hits the spot with oversized crowds.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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