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Lodge Employees' Favorite Ways to Use the Kickoff Grill

By: Lodge Cast Iron / August 27, 2021

Simple and fun to use, the Kickoff Grill innovates outdoor cooking from campsites to cookouts. Curious about where the Kickoff can go and how it can be used? Our employees share their favorite ways to use the KOG when pleasant weather brings us outdoors.

Cast Iron Kickoff Grill
Beth's Car Camping Setup

"In the Spring, my husband and I built out the back of our pick-up truck to include a sleeping platform and drawers for easy car camping—anywhere and at a moment's notice. Our Kickoff Grill stays in the kitchen-gear side of our storage drawers and adds such a nice level of flavor to our (sometimes) simple campground meals that a camp-friendly propane grill cannot.

We love our Kickoff Grill for this particular set up because the grill is easy to store with it's two-piece design, but still large enough with 12 inches of grilling surface to cook on. We keep a small piece of stone in the truck storage to pop the grill right on the tailgate. The stone protects the tailgate gear from the heat, and the height of the truck makes cooking easy-breezy. 

My favorite tip for using the Kickoff Grill for camping set-ups is if you ever forget or run out of charcoal while in the woods, just build a small wood fire in the base of the grill as the heat source. The cast iron will do the rest of the work for you!"

- Beth, Senior Designer


Kickoff Grill
Laura's Natural Grilling Table

"We don't have a home patio (yet!), but we have a large grassy backyard, and we've found it easy to use the Kickoff on a stump we have there. We pop up a folding table to use for our prep space and the kids run around and play. It's amazing how something as simple as making dinner on the grill outside can liven up the space and add a fun, new dimension to an afternoon or evening. 

My tip would be to remember that you can start your coals in a chimney starter on top of the Kickoff grill base! At first, we were searching for a place to put our chimney starter and then we remembered that we could set it on top of the grill, which made it easy. I'd also recommend you keep a pair of tongs handy so you can rearrange your charcoal or pick up any pieces that might fall off the grill when you dump the chimney starter onto the grill base."

- Laura Candler, Brand Engagement Manager

Kris' Backyard Barbecue

"I’ve got a gas grill at home that does most of my backyard barbecuing. That said, there’s no substitution for food cooked over coals. Anytime I want to step outside the ordinary and deliver some serious flavor on the grill, I reach for the Kickoff. I love that it’s compact and doesn’t intrude on my much sought after garage space, but also packs a punch in the grilling department. 

Tip: I like to set my Kickoff up on my gas grill grate. That way, I’m not worried about damaging my outdoor tables, and I don’t have to bend over to cook my food."

- Kris Stubblefield, Chef

Kickoff Grill
Walker's Pop-Up Kitchen 

"I’m on a mission to visit all 56 Tennessee State Parks and I try to camp at them as much as possible. I keep my Kickoff Grill packed in my pop-up camper along with a chimney starter, charcoal, and tongs. I cook just about every meal on it, and often keep my percolator resting on it after breakfast because it retains its heat for so long. Kabobs are probably my favorite thing to make. I prep, skewer, and season them at home before we leave, then just pull them out and sear them until the edges of the vegetables are a little black."

- Walker Henley, Brand Development Manager 

When we’re cooking outdoors, we reach for uncomplicated cookware so we can focus on being creative with our food and spending time with our friends and family. That makes the Kickoff our go-to when we’re looking for an unfussy way to playfully bring grilled flavors to our dishes.

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