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Our Guide to Cooking With What’s in Season

By: Lodge Cast Iron / May 9, 2023

Knowing what’s in season and planning your meals around those ingredients is a great way to step up your cooking skills and pack in great flavor—all year long! Use this guide to discover the best times to enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies and get tips on how to preserve your favorites for high-quality ingredients no matter the season.

Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Plan recipes around what’s in season

When planning meals for the week, look for recipes featuring fruits and veggies that are in season. During the summer, seek out ingredients like tomatoes, corn, and strawberries. You might try a Tomato Galette recipe or a Strawberry Shortcake. When winter comes, lean into potatoes, winter squash, and citrus fruits. This is the time for Potato Latkes or slow-cooked Citrus Carnitas

galette with slice cut out
Eggs for Frittatas

Shop locally 

While the list above is a good starting point, what’s in season will vary depending on where you live. You can look to local farmers to tell you what’s truly in season in your area. That’s why we love to pick up fruits and veggies from our local farmers’ market! It’s a great (and sustainable) way to get your hand on fresh produce. Don’t be shy either! Talk to a farmer at the market. They can give you insight into what to take home that day and what to plan for in the upcoming weeks. Many grocery stores also carry local produce, baked goods, and dairy products, so be on the lookout for those items as you shop.

Save what you love: can, pickle, freeze! 

Do you find yourself missing the juicy strawberries and bright tomatoes when January hits? One word: preserve! Chef Kris Stubblefield’s mother always freezes summer corn to use in her corn pudding at Thanksgiving and Christmas. During a season when lots of folks lean on canned or frozen veggies from the supermarket, it takes the dish to the next level. Throughout the summer, save some of your favorite produce in the form of strawberry jam, homemade salsa, or pickled veggies. When the winter months drag on, these jars will hold the glimmers of summer you need to make it to spring. 

strawberry pie
Fall:Apples,Pears,Cranberries,Squash,Pumpkin,Cabbage,Cauliflower,Kale,Sweet Potatoes,Swiss Chard,Persimmons,Brussels Sprouts Winter:Citrus Fruits,Broccoli,Collard Greens,Turnips,Potatoes,Beets,Kale,Onions,Sweet Potatoes & Yams,Leeks,Winter Squash,Avocados Spring: Strawberries,Asparagus,Rhubarb,Artichokes,Green Beans,Spring Greens,Ramps,Peas,Apricots,Radishes Summer:Strawberries,Raspberries,Tomato,Blackberries,Cantaloupe,Honeydew Melon,Nectarines,Zucchini,Watermelon,Corn,Peaches,Eggplant,Okra,Cucumber,BellPe

Recipes inspiration for every season. 

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