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Recipe Round-Up

5 Sweet Potato Recipes to Enjoy This Holiday Season

This time of year is full of milestones and holidays, but one in particular tends to get overlooked: November is Sweet Potato Awareness Month. And while we can’t tell if this “holiday” is serious or silly (or a little bit of both), we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate the humble sweet potato — one of cast iron’s very best friends. From snacking to mains to a special dessert, join us in toasting a very versatile ingredient with a few of our favorite recipes.

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1. Sweet Potato and Sage Biscuits

A savory combination of sweet potatoes and sage bring a little something extra to classic biscuits. Baked up in classic cast iron, they’re special enough for the holidays but good enough for everyday snacking.

maple sweet potatoes

2. Maple Bacon Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Rare is the recipe that looks as impressive as it tastes (and in this case, smells). We gave sweet potatoes the hasselback treatment and loaded them up with layers of crispy bacon, nutty pecans, and a sweet-yet-spicy maple glaze.

Sweet Potato Hash

3. Sweet Potato Hash

Hash with eggs. Hash with a roast. This hash is an all-day sweet potato celebration that comes together quickly in a single pan. Add root vegetables to the mix for even more fall flavor.

Sweet Potato Cake With Bourbon Cream Cheese Frosting

4. Sweet Potato Cake With Bourbon Cream Cheese Frosting

A raisin-studded and bourbon-laced cake that puts sweet potatoes right where they belong on the dessert table. Skip the frosting if you’re looking for a lighter snacking cake — or just go all in. We’re here for it.

recipe in casserole dish and on plate

5. Sausage Potato Casserole With Roasted Red Peppers

While the original recipe calls for russets, we think sweet potatoes make an even better complement for sausage and peppers in this cheesy, warming casserole.