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Environmental Responsibility

Lodge Makes Environmental Impact in 2018

By: Lodge Cast Iron / April 11, 2019

Lodge Makes Environmental Impact in 2018

Did you know that Lodge cast iron cookware is not only built to last for generations, but it's made with recycled materials?

Employee melting iron in Lodge foundry

From the sand that forms the casting molds to the excess oil captured during the seasoning process, we continuously save and reuse materials in our foundry. We melt and cast our own steel shot and steel media from scrapped castings. They run on a consistent cycle through the shake out, shot blast, and cleaning stages of manufacturing. We've also invested in equipment that reduces pollution and minimizes our consumption of electricity.

But that's not all we recycle! In 2018, our employees around the foundry and company offices recycled measurable tons of cardboard, aluminum cans, motor oil, shrink-wrap, batteries, and paper. These efforts resulted in a positive Green House Gas Equivalency Report that stated we conserved the equivalent of 178,970 gallons of gas and the planting of 40,704 trees.

We also purchased scrap metal from one primary distributor, recycling 3,735 tons of steel into our castings. By using this recycled steel in 2018, our report stated we conserved equal to 763,115 gallons of gas, saved energy equivalent to 731 homes, and planted 173,560 trees.

At Lodge, we take environmental responsibility seriously. We're deeply rooted in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, where our company was born and where we remain. Acting in the best interest of our environment and local area is how we protect our roots and invest in our future. As a fifth-generation, family-owned company, we are committed to doing the right thing for our employees and our community.

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